Austin Records Retrieval

Southwest obtains records of all types for the litigation industry. We have been procuring records since the 1980’s. Our well trained staff has a combined experience of over 100 years.  Our records database (locations and custodians) has thousands of up to date locations for a much quicker verification process. This helps you simply because your order will be processed faster and in the hands of the custodian to be copied and delivered to you in a more timely manner.

We obtain records of all types all across Texas and the United States and even worldwide. We have been successfully procuring records for litigators for over three decades. Here are a few of the specialty records retrieval areas: Medical Records, Nursing Home Records, Insurance Records, Pharmaceutical Records for Class Action Cases, Government Records, Automobile Records, Insurance Records, Employment Records and nearly every type of Business Record created.

Our Record Retrieval Service offers the following services:

Austin Records Retrieval

  • Preparation of (Notice of Intention)
  • Preparation and Notice of DWQ’s (Deposition upon Written Questions)
  • Preparation of Authorizations
  • Record Research
  • Legal Record Analysis
  • Preparation and Service of Subpoena throughout Texas and Nationwide
  • Digital Filing
  • X-Ray Duplication
  • Bate Labeling
  • Electronic Imaging, Scanning and Filing
  • Weekly Status Reports
  • Sorting Records by Chronology and by Departments
  • Online Database Repository (Internet immediate access)
  • Indexing
  • Color Reproduction
  • Records on Compact Discs (CDs or DVDs)
  • Expedited Service

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