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Southwest Reporting & Video has been providing the legal industry certified court reporting and certified legal video specialists in a broad array of litigation areas from simple to complex cases since 1972.

With the corporate office in Houston, Texas and offices in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Corpus Christi, Southwest has reported in high profile cases such as Breast Implant, Tobacco, Phen-Phen, Seroquel, Serzone, Avandia, Firestone, OJ Simpson, Anna Nicole Smith and many others. Southwest continues to report in litigation areas such as medical mal-practice, business law, insurance industry, patent law, construction defect, family law, personal injury, oil and gas and many other facets of litigation across the state of Texas and the U.S.

Our certified court reporters and legal video specialists are experienced and trained with the latest state-of-art equipment to aid our litigators and their staff with accurate transcripts, high quality video recordings and record procurement. Our goal and mission is to provide our clients with exactly the service and personal attention they deserve and come to expect in the legal industry.

Our Roots and Legacy

In 1972, the late founder Luetta Philleaux began court reporting in the Houston and Austin areas. She founded the company Southwest Reporting Service and it quickly became known for its integrity and accuracy in the Houston and Austin legal industry.  Since its inception, Southwest only hires certified court reporters and legal video specialists who have a desire for excellence and the ability to be accurate in every detail.

In the early 1990’s, the current president and CEO Tim McCarble, who previously owned and operated Video Law Services a specialized legal video service company purchased Southwest Reporting Service and merged the legal video service with the court reporting service to create a complete full litigation support firm.

Southwest Reporting & Video Service has expanded to every city and town in Texas with an immense database of professional certified reporters, legal videographers and process servers. They are also part of a larger network of professionals across the U.S. and regularly schedule depositions throughout the country and worldwide.

Integrity and a desire for excellence has continued to make Southwest Reporting & Video Service the company today the one to call upon for certified court reporters, certified legal video specialists, certified translators, record retrieval service, subpoena process and case management across Texas and Nationwide.

“Our goal and mission is to provide everyone who calls upon us for any service, great or small, the utmost care and personal attention they deserve to receive,” Tim McCarble, President/CEO.

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